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Cylinder Tracking

Jackson Welding and Gas Products started unique cylinder tracking on June 27, 2004. We partnered with a software company called TrackAbout to provide the software, hardware and technical support for this project.

Unique cylinder tracking means that all compressed gas tanks larger than 80 cubic feet in volume is barcoded. This barcode is then cross referenced to the serial number stamped into the tank. Portable handhelds are carried by all our drivers and warehouse personnel and are used to scan in the barcodes along with our shipping document. This helps to ensure that we are billing accurately and returning empty cylinders to the correct customers.

Any customer can request that they have access to their specific account information. This can than be referenced online with a username and password.

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for access to this privilege.

Equipment Repairs

Jackson Welding and Gas Products is a factory authorized repair center for several brands of equipment commonly used in the welding industry. staffed with factory trained technicians providing repair to welding equipment, engine drives, plasma equipment, and other related equipment.

We can pick up your machine, complete services, and return it to you, or we can visit your facility to complete the repair. Each of our technicians receives routine factory training to ensure your equipment is repaired correctly.

MK Products
Thermal Arc
Thermal Dynamics

For more information contact the service department at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Industrial Gases and Services

Jackson Welding and Gas Products provides bulk delivery systems, cryogenic systems, high pressure cylinders, welding gases and specialty gases to a wide variety of companies and industries throughout the region. Specialty gases, welding shielding gases, purge gases, fuel gases, laser mixes, industrial gases equipment and piping.


Specialty Gases and Services

Jackson Welding and Gas Products specialty gas lab provides, certifies, and distributes pure gases up to 99.999% purity levels. Our resources include rare gases including multicomponent mixtures, bio medical mixtures, EPA protocols, and semiconductor products. Jackson Welding and Gas Products offers a complete line of specialty gas equipment and piping for any application.


Medical Gases

Jackson Welding and Gas Products has been an FDA approved facility for medical oxygen and nitrogen since 1973. We provide medical gas to home healthcare companies, medical facilities, and nursing homes.